Concept Art/Vis. Dev.

Thumbnails for exploring the silhouette of a character from a personal project idea.

Line work and Zbrush exploration for the character on the previous image.

Personal exploration. I wanted to try a new method of using custom made stencils to create the shapes and noise of the concept art.

Characters for a cancelled project themed around a young group of carnival entertainers.

GIF exploring the personality of one of the characters.

Development of the alien character for the Carnival (cancelled project) game.

Beat boards to pitch the story idea for the Carnival (cancelled project) game.

Enemies in the Carnival (cancelled project) game.

Crash landing of the enemies.

I was tasked with developing an archer character for a tablet game, The Unmaking (tablet game).

Development for a basic enemy type for, The Unmaking (tablet game).

Exploration of a “Titan” character for The Unmaking (tablet game).